• C#
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • HTML + CSS
  • SQL


  • ASP.Net WebForms, MVC, WebAPI
  • Angular JS
  • Mobile development with Ionic / Cordova
  • jQuery, lodash, moment and various other front end libraries
  • Drag/touch mobile development using movable DOM elements via touch events
  • Canvas 2D work using Pixi.js
  • Project task management with Gulp, Grunt, NPM, webpack
  • Server setup, DNS Setup, AWS EC2 server management
  • Social integrations - Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • API integrations - DHL, Brightcove, Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, various business coordinations

Previous Work

Pixolut / Thinking Studio

  • Microsites & Facebook applications (iframed websites on*) for promotions & marketing
  • Line of Business web applications


  • Röhlig Australia

    , Courier website for business partners, website

    Continued development after initial architecture setup, work to MVP launch, and continue into starting features.

  • Tourism Australia

    , Best Jobs in the World, website

    Work on microsite & back end sites for video uploading for competition, integration with Brightcove, and video moderation and competition selection.

  • LiteEngine

    In house hosting and backend for development of simple microsite/Facebook applications using a XML + assets ZIP format.

  • Australian Rugby Union

    , ARU Rugby Rewards 2012-2014

    Facebook application with mini competition and points to earn for prizes from ARU. Twitter integration for points from tweets and mapping of tweets. Facebook integration for checkins.

  • R U OK Day

    , R U OK Conversation Starter

    Move around words to make a sentence using DOM touch events (mobile) or mouse events (desktop), and then post to a friend on Facebook to ask, 'R U OK?'